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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. it is 6 a.m. we are still following of developing news in the tender loin district. objects force several people out of their homes this morning. police gave the all-clear. terry mcsweeney joins us live from jones street with what is going on now. >> reporter: if you didn't know what had been going on here for the past six hours you would have no idea except
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for the two squad cars in front of that apartment building. just a few minutes ago they had five blocks blocked off in the area around geary and jones after the discovery of a suspicious device in the basement of an apartment building at 605 jones. that lead to the evacuations 75 people. police came out to look at the bomb squad getting ready to go in and check things out it was a situation where they didn't know what they had police came out responded to a report of what looked like a pipe bomb they found a number, 12, 15 items which could be pipe bombs, pipes, capped, it was a peculiar situation. they also found ammunition in the same room. after the bomb squad came out and the firefighters went in to take a look and assess the situation, here is what they determined. >> they went into the basement and they located between 12 to
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15 sections of pipe that had been cut and capped they contained a substance there was some ammunition as well inside the room. they further assessed those items and determined they were not explosives, not hazardous. >> reporter: they gave it the all-clear some questions still have to be answered, 1215 sections of cut, capped pipe containing something also ammunition. asked the that ammunition what was it? he says it was ammunition, yes but it did not appear to be illegal. right now they can't say that anybody is going to be in any kind of trouble for what happened out here. i was a bomb scare, turned out to be not a bomb and down in the tenderloin, all directions from geary and jones, all is clear. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:02. more developing news this time from san jose. police are right now
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investigating the city's 33rd homicide of the year. it happened last night. amy hollyfield joins us live from south king. >> reporter: this is where an 18-year-old was shot to death last night. they've been looking for evidence all night they haven't found a suspect haven't made any arrests this is the city's 33rd homicide of the year. people here are so concerned about the violence, especially the reason spike some held a peace rally last night in front of a church. there have been eight murders in the past 11 days six nonfatal shootings. some are wondering about the number of officers on the streets and if maybe outside agent sees can help. the pastor pointed out it is just just the number of officers but also about forming relationships. >> it is more than in schools, street corners, it is about getting us to know a stable
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group of officers that we have a relationship with. >> reporter: police have been busy this week. they did arrest 27-year-old michael howard accused him in the stabbing death that happened at the safeway tuesday. after that arrest they got the call about another murder, the 33rd here this one was at 11:00 last night. later this morning the police chief, mayor and the mayor's gang task force will hold a press conference to talk about tactics to try and combat this recent spike paying attention to gang violence raupblts they've been getting from those tactics. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san pablo police investigating a robbery at a jewelry store all caught on camera this is video of the robbery you can see four men armed and wearing masks bursting into the store
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yesterday after 11 a.m., police say they got away with more than $200,000 worth of jewelry and the entire incident took less than two minutes, nobody was hurt. safety reminder if you are taking bart to or from oakland police are warning about a recent jump in robberies. robberies up 24% during the past three months in the western part of oakland. bart police say they've seen more robberies of items like phones and computers. some of the robberies have occurred on trains and inside stations others in parking lots and bus stops near bart stations. public health officials in san francisco say five rabid bats found around lake merced the most recent a week ago. found in the last four months. warnings going out to homeowners urging them not to touch dead bats or let their pets near them. more trouble for zynga. bloomberg reports four top
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managers have left the company. zynga has been struggling recently the stock is down 68% since initial public offering, stock closed yesterday at $3.25. south korean court has ruled apple and samsung have infringed on each other's patents the court handed down the ruling last night part of a global multi-billion dollar fight between the two companies in a trial in san jose closing arguments wrapped up tuesday the jury is still deciding that case. today cal is holding a news conference to give media a sneak peek at the newly renovated memorial stadium first game is eight days away against nevada the 321 million dollar project started in november of 2010. last year cal played home games at at&t park. the stadium first opened in 1923 dined -- it was designed to resemble the roman
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coliseum. wildfire to our north still threatening 900 homes the ponderosa fire destroyed more than 80 homes and other buildings, burned 28,000 acres since last saturday it is 61% contained. governor has declared emergencies in shasta and tehama counties. we want to check in with meteorologist mike nicco maybe hear good news for firefighters. >> mike was saying they made advances, why is that? >> cooler weather, not as breezy, cooler this weekend, unfortunately, the breezes will come back a little. you can see on the satellite from yesterday some of the smoke hanging around especially to our north where there is poor air quality likely north later during the afternoon and right now for all intends and purposes it is in the lower levels also.
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for us at home, orange is water vapor, some of the driest air, sitting on top of the marine layer i think once we get the sunup start heating the ground overturning this atmosphere going to get sunshine quickly. 47 santa rosa the rest of us cloudy through 7:00, in the 50s clouds out of the inland valleys by 10:00 out of the bay by noon. 50s along the coast too san francisco and san rafael, 62 oakland everybody else 70s for lunch hour. 4:00, 60s along the coast into san francisco and oakland, 70s everybody else until you get into the east bay valleys low to mid 80s, a few clouds roll back across san francisco, 60 same in oakland, 66 san rafael the rest of us in the 70s for your evening. the next three days will be some of the coolest in the forecast, well below average, will top out these are the warmest temperatures inland low to mid 80s, low to mid 70s bay, upper 50s near 60 at the
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coast. good morning. still no major problems, if you are heading into san francisco streets are now open at jones and geary, muni was temporarily rerouted no longer the case kind of friday light the bay bridge toll no , metering lights haven't been turned on. southbound -- southbound 680 walnut creek moving nicely towards highway 24, typical delays westbound 4 out of on act westbound 580 through the altamont pass nothing that should catch you by surprise. south bay headlights northbound 280 heading up towards cupertino where the earlier roadwork has been cleared this is highway 17 coming out of the santa cruz mountains. also, if you are thinking about mass transit, ace, bart, caltrain, muni no delays. good way to go if you are heading to the giants' game this evening.
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thank you frances. we are coming up on 6:10. >> they are the nude photos seen around the world. prince harry's pool pals speak out about his wild vegas weekend. from the atlantic ocean to your kitchen table. the price squeeze tropical storm isaac is making on orange juice prices. here you go little man.
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good friday morning. 6:13 you looking live at san francisco's embarcadero hazy grey blue sky mike says cooler temperatures ahead the coolest days of the week saturday and sunday. but, i don't think that will stop many from checking out the america's cup, different exciting things going on this weekend he will have the full forecast, coming up. >> coolest days metaphoricallally and in reality. -- orange juice prices falling following concerns that tropical storm isaac could cause havoc on the citrus crop. 14 point increase in prices this week because of concerns prices came down yesterday after new storm models showed the storm could avoid a direct hit on florida. as florida braces for isaac the state remembering another historic hurricane, 20 years ago today hurricane andrew made landfall on south florida the storm slammed into the state as a category 5,
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winds 157 miles an hour. it was later -- i should say it hit land as a 4 and later upgraded to a 5, 25 people were killed. andrew is listed as the third costliest hurricane in u.s. history, 26 billion dollars in damage. >> the airs to -- the air force base was hit. >> blew the anemometer atop of the weather station. >> spin, spin, gone. >> that's how powerful that storm was it hit as a category 3 later in the gulf coast. that and hugo set the stage for hurricanes lately. back at home clouds rolling into the east bay valleys diablo in the distance. as far as what is going on, live doppler 7 hd and we'll
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see the clouds aren't as noise -- as moisture laden as yesterday, just a little fog santa rosa where visibility now is about a half mile. let's talk about what is going on 49 santa rosa with fog everybody else in the mid to upper 50s except los gatos 51, san rafael 52, clouds monterey bay and inland. faster sunshine slightly warmer today, thicker clouds more fog tonight cooler than average afternoons this weekend today cooler than average already going to get cooler saturday that sunday, nice to be out especially if you have heavy chores. livermore 88 today, napa 79, san jose 78, oakland 68, san francisco 63, redwood city 76, clouds not quite aspen traiting as they were yesterday, not reaching the depths in the east and south
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bay out of there by 10:00 out of the bay by noon pockets of sunshine at the coast. in the south bay mid 70s to upper 70s. low to mid 70s most of the peninsula. upper 50s to near 60 coast. mid 60s downtown south san francisco sausalito mid 70s to near 80 north bay beaches, 20° cooler at beaches and valleys. mid to upper 80s in the east bay valleys, a few 80s around morgan hill, gilroy hollister, 70 santa cruz. america's cup looking at winds faster today 15 to 25 knots, 56 to 60°, one more graphic that is the giants on a roll taking on braves. down to 56. looks like two to four degrees
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cooler saturday and sunday, slightly warmer starting monday into next week. still looking good on bay area freeways not many major problems or hot spots now. westbound 80 through berkeley still looking good eastbound some crews there roadwork scheduled towards powell from the maze until 7:00 this morning, not causing much of a delay. bay bridge toll, just heard from the person who does not want to be named just got off the phone they are going to be turning the metering lights on in the next 5 to 10 minutes we'll start to see a back-up. a little lighter for friday since they haven't turned it on yet. heading into san francisco, word from traffic spotters that it is very heavy on the embarcadero by the ferry building, there's construction blocking lanes. also, westbound across the san mateo bridge traffic looks great out of hayward into foster city and san mateo, 101 problem free peninsula into
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san francisco, 101 north bay who major trouble this is southbound on the right past the marin civic center, delay-free to 580 and the golden gate bridge. :19. ahead, prince harry's las vegas pool pals share their story. "good morning america" goes primetime the appearance featuring the entire gma team and an update on robin robe
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good morning. :23 on this friday among. a look at light traffic in the east bay this is i-680 taillights southbound from north main as you can see on this friday morning even though folks have gone back-to-school this week and some back from vacation, traffic here not very heavy more information on that with frances in a couple of minutes. this morning, buckingham palace is threatening to take legal action against british newspapers that print the nude photos of prince harry, partying in las vegas. the sun has done so any way citing freedom of the press. tmz released the photos of the naked harry earlier this week playing a game of strip pool with some mystery women at a las vegas hotel before that he crashed a bachelorette pool party at another hotel the
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women are talking about it on "good morning america." >> he asked if he could wear one of our bachelorette shirts we didn't hesitate he put it on and jumped on his friend's shoulders and waved his hands in the air. >> he was a normal guy amazing he was the prince of england wearing our tank top. >> "good morning america" will have more at 7 a.m.. robin roberts is set to undergo a bone marrow transplant in less than two weeks. she appeared last night on cnn she says she is physically and mentally ready to undergo the transplant the doctors say will save her life. >> after you have gone through breast cancer, as i did in 2007, and unfortunately, this is base of the treatment, saved my life, not telling people not to get treated that was my battle then this is my
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battle now. i am at peace, i really am. >> robin's sister is her donor she will have the transplant september 5th, wish her well. still ahead, the prize of petaluma continues eights its winning streak. -- continues its winning streak. light night fire and all out assault to get control of the flames. here's our high temperatures almost the same as yesterday, a few tweaks here and there 50s, 60s coast, 60s, 70s bay, 70s, 80s inland. seattle 69, portland 76. everybody else in the 80s and 90s. all major airports on time except guess which one? san francisco. meeting lights now on at the bay bridge toll we'll start to see the back-up develop still not bad stall just reported for the bay bridge on the lower deck we'll
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keep you posted stay
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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> coming up on 6:30 breaking news out of new york city. you are looking at live
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pictures this is happening right now new york city police investigating a shooting that happened near the empire state building in midtown manhattan our sister station wabc in new york reports multiple people have been shot, we are also hearing unconfirmed reports that number may be five. also, police have one person in custody and that person is said to be shot as well. as a result, a large amount of police activity has closed didn't nearby streets, including fifth avenue. we'll continue to follow this and bring updates as they become availability. again, multiple people shot near the empire state building in new york city. >> i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. first a check on the forecast. flight arrival delays into sfo because of the clouds not thick enough to drop moisture doppler showing a dry commute so far this morning. let's talk about what is going to happen as we look at your planner along the coast, a lot of cloud cover today and
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pockets of sunshine developing, temperatures remain steady in the 50s we may top out to near 60 as we head into the afternoon hours. as we go into the -- as we go into the bay sunshine faster temperatures top out in the mid 60s to low 70s, inland temperatures in the upper 70s to upper 80s. no major traffic accidents to slow you down with metering lights on the bay bridge toll, back-up hasn't grown tremendously only towards west grand for the fastrak lanes kind of a friday light compute so far. but, once you are in san francisco traffic spotters have reported complete standstill on the embarcadero as you approach the ferry building here's why, looks like construction blocking lanes only one lane getting by, a few people report very heavy through the area if you want to take mass transit so far ace, bart, cal tran and muni
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reporting no major delays. coming up on 6:30 two. we start this half hour with -- developing news from san francisco in the last hour police gave the all-clear following a six hour investigation into several suspicious devices which forced a building evacuation. terry mcsweeney joins us live from jones street. are those residents back home this morning? >> reporter: they are returning as we speak. they were put up bay the red cross in a nearby hotel and they are free to stay there longer or get back home. the red cross says they put up 45, pd tells me 75 all told were evacuated from the hotel one block from where i am, at jones and geary. that is where about midnight someone went down into the basement taff building and they phone a number of sections of cut-up pipe. the bomb squad getting ready to go in when they got in they
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found cut-up pieces of pipe, capped, containing a material. in the same room were some explosive -- i should say ammunition in the same room. they took their time, they found out what these pipes were about 45, 50 minutes ago they gave the all-clear. streets were blocked off one block in each direction from the corner of geary and jones all restrictions dropped for half an hour now all-clear has been given police are not saying someone might be in trouble for having these pieces of pipe and ammunition in this room it appears to be all legal the investigation continues as the people return to their apartments. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:33. new this morning from san jose, police are right now investigation i going the city's 33rd homicide of the year, it happened last night. amy hollyfield joins us live
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from south king road where investigators just cleared the scene. >> reporter: they spent the night here looking for evidence in this murder. this morning police have a press conference scheduled to discuss all of the recent violence. police have been very busy and they feel stretched thin. there have been eight murders in the past 11 days here in san jose. six nonfatal shootings murder rate at a 15 year high. there are concerns that san jose doesn't have enough officers on the streets. some are wondering if outside agencies such as chp could send officers here to help? assembly member campos sent a letter to the chp asking for help. the police chief moore is going to hold a press conference today with the mayor to discuss what they are doing to combat this increase in violence some tactics include the police sweeps they've been doing in an
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effort to disrupt gang activity. they will be talking that. that's at 9:00. back at this scene update from this, 33rd murder of the year, an 18-year-old was shot to death, no arrests have been made. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. :35. later this morning the police in hayward are expected to release details of a fatal shooting that happened in a jewelry store police were still at the scene after getting a 911 call before 4:00 in the afternoon from someone inside the store on west tennison road. the caller dialed 911 but didn't say a word officers found a 53-year-old hispanic male shot to death the store is known as a place that buys and sells gold. this morning in vacaville crews on the scene of a 50 acre brushfire to make sure there aren't flare-ups. sky 7 hd was overhead after 7:30 last night near pleasant
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valley and cherry glen roads firefighters were able to get it 100% contained. the flames and spoke could be seen from nearby i-80, no word on a cause >> boys of baseball are keeping bay area fans on the edge -- edge of their seats the petaluma national all stars are one step closer in their run at the little league world series. in the first inning smith snacked a grand slam to put petaluma ahead 5-0. later he hit his second of the night to put them ahead 7-1. the mercy rule was invoked in the fifth, petaluma beat texas 11-1. >> next for the team u.s. championship game against tennessee tomorrow at 12:30 here. we'll rebroadcast the game at 8:00 saturday night on comcast 195 and 715. and on kgo digital channels
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7.2 and 7.3. wayne freedman will bring us live coverage of the championship game from pennsylvania. what a great assignment, i'm sure he's enjoying that. mike have you noticed in the pictures that petaluma seems to have hard throwing left handers giving people problems? >> exactly at that age even in the majors always those left handers. let's talk about what is happening outside visibility down in santa rosa to half a mile where it is thickest now the fog that we see forming we still have flight arrival delays because of low clouds around sfo, land and san jose on time. -- oakland and san jose on time marine layer dominating lower surfaces, a lot of dry air above sunshine an hour quicker today mid to upper 80s east bay valleys, mid 70s to near 80 south bay and north bay upper to mid 70s bay, upper 50 foye near 60 coast
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pockets of sunshine will -- 60 -- [ unintelligible ] pollen up just a little today moderate amounts of tree, high amounts of tree excuse me also ragweed and moderate amounts of grass and mold next three coolest in the forecast these are our warmest temperatures inland only low to mid 80s comfortable to be outside this weekend low to mid 70s bay upper 50s to near 60 at the coast. time for traffic. nice quiet friday commute so far just some of the slow spots in the east bay westbound 80 crowded through berkeley at university so far no accidents on the east shore freeway, bay bridge toll just a back-up hasn't grown much metering lights on, the fastrak lanes backed up beyond the end of the parking lot. south bay north 101 good under
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880, slightly the limit on north 101 alum rock to mckey. foggy whrorped by a traffic spotter quite sometime ago, no major trouble all along the peninsula, foggy weather reported by a traffic spotter a short while as well, 101 good, 280 looking good, you can use waze if you are heading into san francisco, and heading towards america's cup you might want to take mass transit because of the traffic trouble and delays expected this afternoon. our time is 6:39. trading is underway on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. right now the dow down 14 points. first, lance armstrong says not so fast, the reason the cycling champ claims the anti-doping agency can't take his seven title as. isaac continues its trek
6:40 am
toward florida and the gulf coast. new plan that the gop is undertaking in case its convention is washed out. bang live to midtown manhattan we are still -- back to midtown manhattan, multiple people shot near the empire state building, a lot of police presence you see the traffic jam. more a
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welcome back. friday a little more sunshine today away from the coast 50s and 60s, 60s and 70s bay, 70s, 80s inland. doppler across the state unlike most of the week showing dry conditions one storm possible around palm springs 100, 101 fresno, mid 90s the rest of the central valley sunshine big sur 63 tahoe mid to upper 70s this weekend with a lot of sunshine low to mid 90s yosemite down to southern california unlike last weekend when we had thunderstorms low clouds giving way to afternoon sun upper 70s l.a., mid 70s san diego. breaking news we want to
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take balk out to new york city to midtown manhattan update on shooting. we understand the gunman is dead. it was around 6:00 this morning that the fire department, police received the call near the empire state building. police think three or four civilians have been wounded that the gunman is dead. the fire department spokesperson giving thought information doesn't have any other information about how many people were wounded total or their conditions. nothing this early on a motive this is at 34th street and fifth avenue near the empire state bidding, at least three or four people shot and wounded and the gunman dead at this hour. nicer gentler news. we want to thank some people who have become part of the sleep train foster kids dream campaign. c of redwood city, tasha c of hayward and sealy m of
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sunnyvale. you can help just like us on the facebook page and one dollar will be donateed to help kids in need. now let's check in with josh elliot. good friday morning to all of you coming up here back into the pool everyone. new pictures of prince harry crashing a bachelorette party in las vegas. say it isn't so! this morning we hear from the women who enjoyed a weekend with the prince as his friends speak out about those compromising photos, all next right here on "good morning america." >> that comes up in about 14 minutes. today the u.s. anti-doping agency expected to officially strip lance armstrong of his seven tour de france titles and ban him from cycling forever after he announced yesterday he's giving up the fight against doping charges. he remains he's innocent but
6:47 am
says he's tired of the allegations and enough is enough. the officials say the decision is an admission of guilt as far as they are concerned and they've banned -- banning him if competitive cycling. armstrong claims the agency doesn't have the authority to strip his titles and calling the action a witch-hunt. the norweigan man convicted in a bombing and shooting spree that left 77 dead will serve 21 years in prison for the crime, max. a judge declared anders breivik scene this morning and handed down an immediate sentence. under the law he will be held behind bars for a minimum of 10 years, norway has no death sentence. breivik went on a murder spree in july of 2011 at a summer camp. the potential threat of tropical storm isaac is causing republican officials to make changes at its national convention that begins in florida monday
6:48 am
officials say delegates begin the roll call vote on the first day to officially nominate romney for president. romney and running mate paul ryan will campaign together in michigan and in ohio tomorrow. tropical storm isaac is crashing ashore in the caribbean this morning and still heading west toward the convention site in tam pavement -- in tampa. >> mark matthews will be covering the convention next week and in north carolina for the democratic convention. citi-bank trying to get out of a rut and forget the upcoming iphone 5, now there's buzz about the iphone 6. >> buzz before the buzz. jane king at the new york stock exchange. good morning jane. yes good morning. we wonder why apple doesn't buy advertising. watch for changes in iphone pricing analyst says the iphone 6, yes 6, is likely to
6:49 am
come it in the fall of 2013. a 7 to 8 inch ipad this year if you are looking for a bargain apple likely to start selling the older models for $200 without a -- models from $200 to -- apple shares now around 650. --. stocks this morning a little lower quiet day of trading so far. bloomberg index is trading lower. facebook trying to please iphone and ipad users updating mobile app to make it twice as fast for those scrolling through this is the -- this as the -- [ unintelligible ] reality tv star has been hired
6:50 am
by one of the biggest banks in the country. former contestant on america's next top model hired as vice president in the company handling equity derivative sales. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. update from our breaking news from new york. reuters reporting two people are confirmed dead after a shooting near the empire state building. you are looking at live pictures of midtown manhattan. the shooting occurred around 34th and fifth avenue near the empire state building. first word we heard was the gunman had been shot to death. now we are hearing there are two people dead. streets still blocked off in the area things stale affected. a lot of pedestrians in the street there. we are hearing also a total of eight people were shot.
6:51 am
one of the two dead is said to be the shooter. we are trying to get the information together it is kind of sketchy. we are going to bring it to you as soon as it becomes available. >> the facts very fluid eight shot total, two dead one dead shooter. we want to bring in mike for the forecast. sunshine? >> absolutely during the afternoon, a lot sun, clouds not as thick as they were yesterday morning easier to get rid of beautiful picture some of the clouds cascading over those areas doppler showing it is die, still have flight arrival delays into sfo of 58 minutes. 49 santa rosa now, low to upper 50s for the rest of us, low to mid 50s cloudy around the monterey bay, faster sunshine slightly warmer today, thicker clouds and a little more fog tonight cooler than average during the afternoon hours this weekend. a lot of sunshine this
6:52 am
afternoon, 60s richmond, berkeley, oakland low to mid 70s the rest of the east bay shore south bay mid to upper 70s. low to mid 70s most of the peninsula, millbrae 68°. upper 50s to low 60s coast, mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito valleys mid 70s to around 80°, 20° cooler at beaches, less sunshine than yesterday, 66 monterey. low to mid 80s inland. america's cup world series continues today at 2:05 to 4:00, on the bay west winds a little faster 15 to 25 knots, 56 to 60° with a little more more sun yesterday. braves in town with a four game set 59 at 7:05 first pitch dropping to 56°. centennial celebration in sunnyvale, happy birthday 100 years parade begins tomorrow
6:53 am
10:00, sunny and 75 at noon. when the dance begins at 7:00, 77°. here's a look at your seven day forecast warmest temperatures in the forecast probably today and next week, two to four december -- four degrees tomorrow into sunday best day this week so far in terms of traffic bay bridge toll metering lights on, but only fastrak lanes ever backed up past the end of the parking lot. san mateo bridge looks great, no trouble westbound on the right hand side, 880 a little slow not bad through hayward 101 fine through san mateo, south bay northbound 280 moves well in san jose up towards cupertino normal delays north 101 alum rock to mckey, delays westbound 4 antioch lone tree towards loveridge a traffic spotter trying to bypass and that reporting heavy traffic even submitted a picture on
6:54 am
buchanan road. katie couric's new talk show debuts here on abc7 in a little more than two weeks she spent time with us here in the bay area she stopped by abc7 yesterday to take a few pictures with the staff larry and carolyn talked with her about the new show. she said she excited to let her hair down and be herself. >> i think the new format for me is going to be fun because i can sort of act the way i'm acting with you all with all the guests and audience and gives me an opportunity to be who i really am. >> katie says she still gets butterflies and is very nervous about that first day. >> of course, are you kidding, i sometimes feel like i'm going to vomit thinking about walking throughout and doing this. >> katie debuts september 10th, 3 right here on abc7. you won't want to miss.
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>> exciting stuff. here are five things to know before you go. number one, breaking news we've been following out of new york city, right now police investigating a shooting near the empire state building. we have just learned two people are confirmed dead total of eight people have been shot. the shooter is among the dead. >> number two, deadly crime spree continue in san jose this morning police investigating another fatal shooting. the latest victim an 18-year-old shot around 11 last night south king road. the mayor analyst chief are holding news conference at 9:00 to discuss how they land to stop the spree. >> number three, petaluma national all stars are one game from the championship game at the little league world series they routed texas 11-1 last night to eastern a spot in the championship game. they play tennessee tomorrow afternoon. you can watch it live right here. >> number four, cal giving the
6:56 am
media a sneak peek at the new stadium in berkeley fans can see it at the first game next week the 321 million dollar project started in november of 2010. >> number five, the u.s. anti-doping agency expected to officially strip lance armstrong of his seven tour de france titles and ban him from cycling forever. this comes after armstrong announced yesterday he's giving up the fight against doping charges. final check on your forecast. live doppler dry this morning, good news for your commute. not so good if you are trying to get friends into sfo or business colleagues, 58 minute flight arrival delays. near 60 today, mid 60s to mid 70s upper 70s to upper 80s inland. bay bridge toll it is friday light! check it out, metering lights
6:57 am
on minor back up for fastrak lanes. jamison canyon westbound 12 heff expressway from i-80 complete standstill reported by some traffic spotters. thanks for watching. that will do it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> we leave you with live pictures from new york. two people have been killed, one the shooter, eight wounded. more information on more information on
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today by noon.


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